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September 4, 2018

White workers in S. Africa protest against discrimination by black-only share scheme

White South African workers through their Solidarity union on Monday kicked off an industrial action that includes a go-slow protest that is to develop into a full strike.

The whites who work for petrochemicals firm Sasol, are protesting against discrimination over a share scheme offered exclusively to black staff, and said they would begin a full strike on Thursday.

“We have a staggered industrial action. Today, we have a go-slow. Our 6,300 members will carry out their duties, but in a slow manner. We plan to ramp up to a full-blown strike on Thursday,” Dirk Hermann, Solidarity’s chief executive said.

We are not against the [...]

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September 3, 2018

South Africa: clowns tap into the healing power of laughter

In a Johannesburg hospital in South Africa, students are using laughter to help young patients going through their healing process.

These troupe of budding clown doctors entertain young patients in a bid to distract them from their pain.

They have theatrical backgrounds and visit various hospitals in the city as part of their medical clown training, a skill that promotes the use of laughter in a therapeutic setting.

When the clowns get here, they start playing, forgetting they have pain and all that. I love that.

“We go there to help them feel better, not to heal them as if we could heal them, we know the pain is there [...]

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September 3, 2018

Unexplained explosion kills eight at South African munitions depot

An explosion at a South African munitions depot in Somerset West, near Cape Town, has left at least eight people dead, but authorities are still investigating the cause.

The blast occurred at Rheinmetall Denel Munition (RDM) depot, a joint venture between Germany’s Rheinmetall Defence and South Africa’s state-owned arms maker Denel.

“I can confirm that eight people are dead,” said Theo Layne, a fire and rescue spokesman.

We are currently investigating the matter

The cause of the blast was not known, he said.

Police could not be reached to comment.

RDM said in a statement that an explosion occurred at one of [...]

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September 2, 2018

White workers at South Africa’s Sasol to strike over race exclusion share scheme

South Africa’s mainly white Solidarity union will begin a strike on Monday at petrochemicals firm Sasol over a share ownership scheme offered exclusively to black staff.

Under black economic empowerment rules, South African companies are required to meet quotas on black ownership, employment and procurement as part of a drive to reverse decades of exclusion under apartheid.

“We intend to switch off a different section of Sasol each day by means of well-laid and strategic plans,” the union said in a statement.

We have activated contingency measures to minimise potential disruption to our operations.

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