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August 14, 2018

‘VISA’vis online haters!

Of all the things that could hinder travel plans, social media would not be considered one of them, right? But now your travel plans might be in jeopardy if you post “controversial” matter online.  In a bid to catch inconsistencies submitted to immigration authorities, immigration and border security officials across several countries are keeping an eye on social media and online profiles. It is reported that the authorities will be looking for any post that is considered as hate speech under the host country’s laws.

MBA student Arpita Giri recently had to go through intense screening before getting a visa to travel to Europe. Arpita recalls, “When we were applying for the [...]

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August 14, 2018

5 things to know about the Neelakurinji in Kodai

New Delhi: With the travel season on its peak, travelers who aim to visit down south want to miss no chance to sight the beautiful blooms of the Neelakurinji in Kodai.

Here are some facts that one must know about the sight that is sure to keep you spellbound this season:


1.Visit now or in 2030

The blue blossoms are back in bloom in the Western Ghats of India after 12 long years. The long interval bloomers last seen in 2006 are now back to paint the southern hills with a tinge of blue. A natural phenomenon that is a must visit will be seen in patches in the hills of Kodaikanal till September. If one happens to miss the sight of these beautiful [...]

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August 14, 2018

Here’s why Vietnam’s ‘Golden Bridge’is a must-see

New Delhi: Straight out of the fantasy world, the ‘Golden Bridge’ in Vietnam is breathtakingly beautiful.

Cradled by two giant hands, the bridge is situated in central Vietnam.


Reportedly, it took less than a year to construct the 150 metre long bridge which is about 1,400 metres above sea level. The bridge opened for tourists in early July and has been a hot favourite ever since.

Even the Twitterverse can’t contain it’s excitement about this marvel.

A user tweeted, “This view at the #CauVang , known as “The Golden Bridge in #Vietnam designed by TA Landscape Architecture. I love how the hands give the [...]

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August 14, 2018

Zipping across borders

Overland tours, where one drives through nooks and crannies, are a great way to absorb the soul of any country. Sujal Patwardhan and Medha Joseph  would attest to this since they run Embarq, an overland touring company set up in 2016 which also does bespoke tours. It was a road trip the duo undertook from India to Morocco that set the ball rolling for the women to quit their corporate careers and pursue their love for travelling. Since then, they have taken road trips to countries like Scotland, Spain, New Zealand, and traversed across the  Silk Route and the Baltics.

Sujal remembers the memorable Morocco trip when they drove for 57 days across 15 countries and three [...]

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