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The coin, 53 cm (21 inches) across and 3 cm thick, features the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Published in Europe

The health club dismissed the instructor and offered him USD 117.8, which he refused.

Published in Europe
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 09:30

Theresa May signs letter to trigger Brexit

It sets the clock for a two-year negotiation process for Britain's relationship with the EU as a non-member.

Published in Europe
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 09:29

3-day menstrual leave for Italian women

The Italian edition of women’s magazine Marie Claire described it as “a standard-bearer of progress and social sustainability”.

Published in Europe
Wednesday, 29 March 2017 09:27

Daily Mail's ‘Legs-it’ sparks sexism row

The coverage sparked a swift backlash against Britain’s second-most popular newspaper.

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Qaraqosh was ravaged by IS jihadists, who seized it in June 2014 as they rampaged across parts of northern Iraq.

Published in Middle East

Legal experts say it's unlikely Watson would side with the Trump administration.

Published in America

The restrictions apply to direct flights to Britain and the United States from certain airports in the Middle East and North Africa.

Published in America

Prosecutors suspect that the gang kills the kidnapped women after the policies on their slain husbands are collected.

Published in America

Instructor Arian Prevalla told investigators student Feras Freitekh refused to relinquish control of the plane and fought him.

Published in America
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