The first total solar eclipse in 99 years will sweep across the continental US today.

While the darkest shadow will be visible along a 70-mile-wide path from Oregon to South Carolina, a partial view of the eclipse will be visible as far north as Canada and as far south as Brazil.

A startup called Energy and Environmental Sustainability is taking cactus waste from the Milpa Alta neighborhood of the capital and turning it into biogas.

The conditions needed to support life as we know it may be present on several of the planet’s 53 confirmed moons.

The industrial manufacturing giant Siemens is planning for the reality of supplying and maintaining energy for a civilization on the Red Planet.

Making a precise measurement of the sun is difficult, but the August 21 eclipse will offer scientists an opportunity to refine their calculations.

The new AI-powered system developed at Columbia University could show up in commercial hearing aids within five years.

A new study supports the idea that the sculpting of Mars and its two small moons was largely determined by a huge impact early in the solar system's history.

The Florida-based company is developing a line of spacecraft for low-cost travel to the Moon — and beyond.

MIT engineers have developed an autonomous system for assembling structures in disaster areas, remote environments, and maybe even other planets.

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