The teenager stepped on the needle which broke and got lodged deep under the skin in his foot.

Older patients and those with a longer history of diabetes are particularly susceptible.

One of the biggest risks in performing surgery on fetuses is the insertion of a fetal scope through the amniotic sac.

According to experts, this could be due to lack of knowledge regarding psychiatric care to help young people deal with their illnesses.

According to researchers, study is first example of generalized, antimicrobial activity on the part of the carbohydrates in human milk.

According to researchers, consuming walnuts daily may activate an area in brain which decreases hunger

Study says skipping breakfast regularly may result in deficiency of key nutrients needed for growth and development in children.

New study claims that people who smoke marijuana every day have better blood flow and oxygen to the brain.

This and other recent, isolated cases of remission have given additional hope to 37 million people worldwide infected with virus.

Experts say people who experience many kinds of happiness are at a lower risk of premature death.

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