Tens of thousands of Twitter users liked the exchange and many social media users responded with amusement.

Their discovery could lead to novel therapies for prevention and treatment of the disease.

Kalavati who is of Hindu descent married Miriam, Jewsih, from Texas in a ceremony in Leicester.

The video was posted by Angel Bermudez from California who can be heard moaning in pain in the clip.

Study says most people succumbed to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, followed by asthma.

The drug turns hair of lung cancer patients brown but has the exact opposite effect on melanoma patients.

Piglet born in China follows reports of pigs being born with monkey-faces and one with a trunk-like nose.

The revelation was made by a BBC show Watchdog after testing samples from outlets in UK.

Interacting with other sufferers could have an impact on their treatment.

Many people like Millie Robinson experience a form of hangover triggered by food.

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