Artificial intelligence already aids the agency’s research on Earth and the Red Planet, but scientists see great potential in expanding the role of AI, especially in deep space.

California-based Made In Space successfully printed “extended structures” inside a thermal-vacuum chamber in June at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

The total solar eclipse that will span the US on Aug. 21 will give scientists a clear look at the solar corona, an atmospheric halo of plasma that is 200 times hotter than the sun's surface.

The discovery could help scientists better understand how the sun formed 4.6 billion years ago.

The planet, WASP-121b, is a gas giant that lies about 880 light-years from Earth and shows that warm atmospheres can be found on exoplanets.

New research concludes Earth’s climate is unusual in its ability to produce liquid water, a key ingredient for life.

OpenSpace software allows viewers to swoop over Martian mountain ranges and iconic landscapes like the Valles Marineris canyon.

“Clean house” might be added to the “eat less, move more” mantra for losing weight, as new research finds common house dust promotes fat production.

NASA has released the first images taken by the exploratory spacecraft in low orbit as it passed directly above the Great Red Spot at an altitude of roughly 5,600 miles.

Celestial acoustic research shows that the sun's outer layers are more sensitive to medium and higher frequencies, indicating that some areas of the solar surface have weakened.

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