The letters from Einstein to colleagues, which will be auctioned on June 20, reveal his thoughts on physics, God, and Israel.

Scientists discover that light, under certain conditions, can move around objects like a frictionless liquid, which could help improve a wide array of devices like lasers and solar panels.

The vaccine, which has been tested on rodents and monkeys, works by triggering antibodies that neutralize heroin's effect on the brain.

As consumption of cow milk declines, new research shows that a three-year-old who drank three cups per day could be nearly two centimeters taller than a child who consumed other types of milk.

Janelle Shane’s machine learning system is dishing out viral heavy metal band names, Dungeons and Dragons spells, and knock-knock jokes.

The Microsoft founder's Stratolaunch company has built the world's largest airplane, which is designed to launch rockets into orbit from the sky.

With several thousand specimens so far retrieved, the research vessel Investigator has surveyed life lurking in a dark and cold abyss miles below the surface.

hile we know that human activity is affecting Earth’s climate, can the influence of our actions also reach beyond our planet? The answer is yes, according to a new wide-ranging research paper that looks at the history of “human-induced space weather.”

A trove of data from the probe’s initial encounters has shown unexpected features related to the gas giant's huge brewing storms.

The majority of antimatter that pervades the Milky Way may come from clashing remnants of dead stars, a new study finds.

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