The sad stories of the acid attack victims prompted him to spend for them

The vegetarian diet group lost nearly twice as much weight- 6.20 kg, compared to those following the traditional diabetes diet

The worm from the Dirofilaria genus is known to cause Elephantiasis

Vegetable oil plays an important role in nutrition.

The discovery could help scientists better understand and treat a range of conditions involving memory impairment.

The South African man will undergo colour-correcting through medical tattooing after it has completely healed

Systolic pressure is the top number in a blood pressure reading and diastolic is the bottom number.

Overweight boys who remained overweight as young men, had twice the colon cancer risk.

Frying induced more severe losses in protein, ash and carbohydrates content but increased the fat and energy.

The therapy uses a combination of medicines to slow down the rate at which HIV makes copies

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