Bitten by snake, Bihar man bites wife so that they could die together

13 Jun 2017
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The man died while his wife was saved (Photo: AFP) The man died while his wife was saved (Photo: AFP)

The man was bitten by a snake when he was sleeping and his wife allowed him to bite her so that they could unite in the afterlife.

Stories of people loving each other till they are parted by death have often been documented in pop culture and classics. But some people can resort to extreme measures in order to be with the one they love even in death.

Shankar Rai from Bihar’s Birsingpur village was bit by a deadly serpent when he was asleep and was sure that he won’t survive after waking up. Shankar got emotional and went to his wife Amiri Devi who he bit on the hands saying his last wish was that they depart from this world together.

The couple soon fell unconscious and were moved to the nearest hospital where Shankar succumbed to the snake bite while Amiri was saved by doctors since her diagnosis began in time. Amiri told media that she let her husband dig his teeth in her wrist since his last wish was to die together and stay united in the afterlife.

While Shankar’s bizarre wish was left unfulfilled, Amiri is now safe according to doctors.

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